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Philippe MAZAUD (born in New York City, American and French) is an artist currently based in Portland OR. For well over a decade, he focused on large-format, primarily B&W photography, mostly using 8 x 10" negatives: gelatin-silver prints, and subsequently (from scanned negatives), pigment ink prints and light boxes.
The scope of his work has shifted. Currently, it still involves photography (a blend of analog and digital) but also, and to a greater extent, painting – notably in its unconventional use of dry pigments and pastel blocks. This work positions itself, in some sense, at the interface of several domains, practices and issues – pictorial and photographic. The pictorial work may in some cases point directly to a photographic image source, but it often relates to the photographic realm in  rather more abstract, diffuse or conceptual, ways.
Mazaud is the recipient of several awards and grants, in particular a grant from the Ministère de la Culture (France, 2004), an Artist Fellowship from the Nevada Arts Council (2005), and an Artist Fellowship from Artist Trust in Seattle (2008/2009).  His work and photographic prints are included in the permanent collections of the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Nevada Museum of Art, and in many private collections in the United States and Europe.  He has shown at Foley Gallery in New York, galerie Anne Barrault and galerie Hautefeuille in Paris, among others.

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