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Brief Biography

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Philippe Mazaud was born in New York City, and educated both in New York and Paris. His
artistic training included a brief stint at the École des Beaux Arts (Paris), followed by study
at the New York Studio School (painting, drawing and sculpture). It was somewhat later,
in 1995 while pursuing an advanced degree in mathematics at the University of Michigan
(Ann Arbor), that he turned to photographically-based work.


Individual exhibitions:

2011 :   Galerie Hautefeuille (Paris, France), "Nocturnes".
2009:  Galerie Hautefeuille (Paris, France), "Tunnel Room - Sur l'herbe (II)".
2008:  Galerie Hautefeuille (Paris), "Sur l'herbe (I)".
             Heidi McBride Gallery (Portland, OR).
2007:   Rebecca V Gallery (Tacoma, WA).
2005:   Foley Gallery (New York, NY), "Stage Light" (Dec. ’05-Jan. ’06).
             Churchill Arts Center (Fallon, NV).
             Nevada Arts Council (OXS, Carson City NV).
2004:   Galerie Anne Barrault (Paris, France).
2003:   MacNamara Gallery (University of Nevada, Reno), "Night Vision".
1999:    Mind’s Eye Gallery (Idaho State University).
1997:    Ann Arbor Public Library (Ann Arbor, MI).

Group exhibitions (selection):

2011  :   Artist Trust (Seattle, WA)
              BWAC (Brooklyn, NY), "Wide Open 2"
2010 :   Galerie Hautefeuille (Paris)
2009:   Foley Gallery (New York, NY)
2008:   Nevada Now (IIb) (traveling exhibit organized by the NV Museum of Art,
              extended through 2008).
2007:    Heidi McBride Gallery (Portland OR).
              Rebecca V Gallery (Tacoma, WA).
2006:   Foley Gallery, Paris-Photo (Paris, France).
              Sheppard Fine Art Gallery (UNR), “To Collect and preserve”.
              Galerie Anne Barrault (Paris, France), “Vacances”.
              Stremmel Gallery (Reno, NV), “Simply Seven”.
              Centre d’Art Contemporain (Meymac, France), “Noir c’est la Vie”.
              Foley Gallery (NYC), Scope New York.
2005:    Nevada Now (II) (two-year traveling exhibition organized by the Nevada
              Museum of Art, through 2007).
              Nevada Museum of Art (Reno, NV), 2005 Nevada Triennial.
2004:    Nevada Museum of Art (Reno, NV), “Art4auction ’04”.
              Galerie Anne Barrault, Art Rotterdam (Netherlands).
              Sheppard Fine Art Gallery (UNR), Valentine Invitational.
2003:    Galerie Anne Barrault (Paris, France), "Montagnes".
              Sheppard Fine Art Gallery (UNR), "NWNV".
2002:    SF Camerawork (San Francisco, CA).

Awards & grants:

Artist Trust (WA) Fellowship, 2008/2009.
NAC Jackpot grant, July 2006.
Nevada Arts Council Artist Fellowship, 2004/2005.
French Ministry grant, “Aide à la première exposition” (winter 2004).

NAC Jackpot grant (fall 2003).


Cleveland Museum of Art (OH).
Nevada Museum of Art (Reno, NV).
Private collections in California, Moscow (Idaho), New York (NY), Reno (Nevada), Paris
(France), Amsterdam (Netherlands).

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Talks / interviews:

Evergreen College (Olympia, WA), talk and slide presentation, May 5,  2009.
Heidi McBride Gallery, talk and slide presentation, February, 2008.
KUNR (Reno, NV) radio interview with Terry Joy, September 13, 2005.
Churchil Arts Council (Fallon, NV) talk and slide presentation, August 12, 2005.
Fŕequence Paris Plurielle, radio interview with Benjamin Boccas, March 2004.
University of Nevada Reno, talk and slide presentation, November 16, 2003.



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